My experience at Pratt Institute had awakened my passions and curiosity from when I was young, which may have been put aside for a list of common socially conditioned desires during my teen years. Since, I’ve noticed that I’ve become punctual, driven and excited to explore unfamiliar territory.

Skills obtained during my professional experience ranges from service presentation to project execution then to completion along with follow-ups for customer satisfaction. Program development became a by-product of my concern or desire to expand the knowledge and services provided by my employers. Some of the many types of my art skills include but not exclusive to are traditional and digital media such as 3D architectural visualization along with scale models, graphic design, furniture design & fabrication, jewelry design & fabrication. These experiences have taught me many techniques. One example is how to spot concerning details when visualizing a project’s concept whether the client is aware of what the end goal may be or not. It has also taught me how to solve critical design problems very quickly.
Growing up I enjoyed spending my time inventing gadgets, assembling remote controlled cars and planes, computers, model kits and tree forts with zip lines. I take pleasure in the smallest of details like sanding excess glue off scale models and airbrushing them with “battle scars” for a bit of personality. I have always had an obsession with crafts from unrelated materials and disciplines. It has given me the ability to put one and one together and create something new.

When my sister and I were kids, my father would drive us around NYC in his medallion yellow cab and point to superstructures in progress and say, "Life is like that building, If you want to build a great building, you have to have a strong foundation. If it is not strong, then it can crumble. If it is strong, then it can have a great future"
                                                                                                       - Larry Chan